mod_parrot 0.5

I'm proud to announce that after a year of hard work, mod_parrot 0.5 has been released. The most significant change is an architecture overhaul allowing each language to register its own Apache module. This frees mod_parrot from doing the heavy lifting that Apache already does, and allows languages to manage their own configurations and hooks as they see fit. It also standardizes the interface between mod_parrot, Apache and languages.

Other changes include tying Parrot I/O to request I/O (think CGI, PHP or mod_perl registry scripts), support for POST data, initial support for threaded MPMs, and a rewrite of mod_perl6 in Perl 6. The full change list is available in the CHANGES file.

Following this release, mod_perl6 will be removed from the mod_parrot source tree and placed into its own repository. This will let potentially separate teams work on the two projects independently. If you're interested in contributing to either project, let me know!

You can download mod_parrot from the mod_parrot website at Detailed documentation is also available on the site, including an HLL module developer's guide, which will help you hack on mod_perl6 or even write your own HLL module.